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The life and work of Mahatma Gandhi; 

photo biography (abridged);


This book introduces to the reader the life and work of the historic figure of Mahatma Gandhi through rare images and archival material. In an interdisciplinary project Gandhi scholars, historians, photo experts and graphic designers joined hands in order to turn black and white photographs into colour images, thus making them true documents of history. The missing colours were added according to the historic settings. By this the pictures have been brought closer to the colourful images the photographs document.

  • 106 pages
  • 1.0 kg
  • 27.94 x 19.9 x 1.5 cm 
  • 108 colourized photographs
  • Biography - Chronology - Quotations
  • Compiled and published by GandhiServe India

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The life and work of Mahatma Gandhi (photo biography, abridged)

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