Activities and Events


The GandhiServe Foundation executes such educational projects which propagate peace, the ethics of nonviolence, and the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and his teaching. Time based and with suitable media we endeavour to encourage children, adolescents and adults to deal with the importance of Gandhi's life and work for the present time. Thus, the aim is the dismantling of religious and cultural prejudices as well as a better understanding of one's own and other cultures.


In collaboration with Gandhis family, his collaborators and contemporaries, important documents, photographs and films from Gandhi's life are being saved from decay and made available worldwide for exhibitions and publications. In addition, the person Gandhi, his environment and the Indian independence movement is audio-visually documented in talks with contemporary witnesses. External work is supported by a research, media and information service.


The GandhiServe Foundation has the most comprehensive archive of Gandhi outside India, as well as the world's most comprehensive image archive of Gandhi and the Indian independence movement. The archives are available for private and scientific use as well as for public relations. GandhiTopia gave students, experts, activists and institutions the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions about Gandhi and his teachings. In addition, GandhiTopia was a platform where news, media and projects were presented and events about Gandhi, peace and nonviolence were announced and documented. GandhiTopia terminated in 2022.