The GandhiServe Network

What is GandhiServe?

GandhiServe is a multinational network of various institutions furthering the promotion of Gandhian values - truth, civil disobedience, nonviolent resistance and peace. These institutions offer products and services relating to Mahatma Gandhi and India's independence movement. They firmly believe in and follow the principles of simplicity, self-support and trusteeship as propagated by Mahatma Gandhi.

Which are these institutions?

The charitable GandhiServe Foundation / Facebook was established in 2002 at Berlin, Germany. It executes educational and research projects on the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi and the ethics of nonviolence. Its website provides research and study material about Gandhi, his life, work and philosophy for Gandhian students, scholars, activists and institutions - and anyone interested in Mahatma Gandhi and his thoughts. The site offers Gandhi's correspondence, his writings, a detailed chronology of his life, and links to vast audio, video and image resources. The foundation further operates the Gandhian social network GandhiTopia. The activities of the foundation were largely funded by GandhiServe e.K.


GandhiServe e.K. was an enterprise registered at Berlin, Germany. It had been established in 1998 and mainly operated its webportal GandhiMedia. GandhiServe e.K. terminated its activities on 31 Dec 2022.


GandhiServe India / FB is a trust, founded in 2001 at Mumbai. Apart of conducting educational activities the charitable trust runs the Read Gandhi project on Facebook and got over 4.500 images of Mahatma Gandhi colourized. The trust has published the extensive photo biography MAHATMA - Gandhi's Life in Colour / FB and its abridged version MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE - The life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. In August 2018 the audio-visual show MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE - The life and work of Mahatma Gandhi / FB was released.


The joint GandhiServe Archives form the best online repository on Mahatma Gandhi, in terms of quality and quantity.

The GandhiServe media - audio, video, writings and images - can also be found at the following sources:

GandhiServe's YouTube channelInternet ArchiveArchive for Art and History 

Who founded GandhiServe?

Founder and former chairperson of GandhiServe Foundation and former CEO of GandhiServe e.K. is Peter Rühe / FBGandhiServe India was established by its present director, Jayan Mitra.

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