Material acquired from the Kanu Gandhi estate


8 film reels, numbered and labelled as follows:


1. Tribal dance in Gujarat, c. 1956, silent, colour, b/w, 16mm, 2:26 time - Non-Photographs, Reel 01 (Dance)

Shot list:

Gujarati dance performed by 17 men, observed by children and adults; probably at Kasturba Ashram, Kasturbadham (Tramba) nr. Rajkot/Gujarat.


2. Gandhi at Sevagram Ashram and in Mumbai, c. 1942, silent, 8mm, b/w, 2:37 - Non-Photographs, Reel 02 (MKG)

Shot list:

Mahatma Gandhi walking in the garden of Birla House, Mumbai, c. 1942, accompanied by unidentifiyable people; Mahatma Gandhi leaving a hut at Sevagram Ashram, acompanied by Sushila Nayar and Abha Gandhi (?); Goshala (Cow farm) at Sevagram Ashram: ashram workers and cows, various shots; Mahatma Gandhi accompanied by Pyarelal, Kanaa Gandhi (the boy) and two other ashramites arrive at Goshala; Mahatma Gandhi, Kanaa and two ashramites walk from office hut to another hut; Mahatma Gandhi with children at Birla House, Mumbai, together with Chakraborty Rajagopalachari, Mahadev Desai, c. 1942; Mahatma Gandhi walking together with Rajendra Prasad in the garden of Birla House, Mumbai; a man wearing a “Gandhi cap” greets Mahatma Gandhi and walks with him, now also Mahadev Desai, Kanaa Gandhi and others, c. 1942; Nehru talking to people; Mahatma Gandhi arriving at a well-attended meeting of Congress workers in the garden of Birla House, Mumbai; Mahatma Gandhi walking with Rajendra Prasad in the garden of Birla House, Mumbai, c. 1942; Mahatma Gandhi amidst of other people, front: Kanaa Gandhi; CU of Mahatma Gandhi in “his” room at Birla House, Mumbai, 1942.


3. Mahatma Gandhi with associates and at a meeting, 1939, silent, 8mm, b/w, 2:29 - Non-Photographs, Reel 03 (MKG)

Shot list:

Mahatma Gandhi in a village meeting, also be seen: Sushila Nayar, Kasturba Gandhi; crowds outside; Mahatma Gandhi with bare chest and the head covered against the heat greets villagers (darshan); Mahatma Gandhi walking with two children and two women on a compound; Mahatma Gandhi passing an open door (shot from inside) together with Mahadev Desai and others; Mahatma Gandhi standing with a woman, a villager and Kanaa Gandhi; Mahatma Gandhi walking with children and adults on a compound; Mahatma Gandhi walking with Mahedev Desai, Pyarelal and others on a compound (various shots).


4. Congress leaders and Gandhi in Delhi and in Maganwadi (Wardha), c. 1939, silent, 8mm, b/w, part 1 - 1:19, part 2 - 1:06 -  - Non-Photographs, Reel 04 (MKG)

Shot list:

Mahatma Gandhi, Agatha Harrison, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Mirabehn and Kanaa Gandhi standing together in discussion; Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Kanaa Gandhi, Bulabhai Desai, Mahadev Desai and others leaving a building; Sardar V. Patel enters a car; Kasturba and Mahatma Gandhi, surrounded by people, also enter a car; Mahatma Gandhi walking together with Sushila Nayar, Sardar V. Patel and others probably on the compound of Birla House, Mumbai; Mahatma Gandhi leaving a car and entering a compound; man walking towards camera; Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar V. patel walking on the campus of Birla House, Mumbai, c. 1942; pigeon an a terrace reeling; Mahatma Gandhi arrive for a meeting; Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba inside a room together with others; Kasturba sleeping on a matress on the floor; Mahatma Gandhi, Pyarelal, Kanaa Gandhi and Kasturba leave a building and are about to enter a car.


5. “Vishwa Prem – Vinobaji”, Vinoba Bhave’s visit to Bhavnagar (Gujarat), 19 September 1959, silent, 16mm, colour, 3:23 - Non-Photographs, Reel 05 (VB)

Shot list:

Vinoba Bhave, accompanied by followers and sympathizers, walking through the streets of Bhavnagar and are seen in front of Gandhi Bhavan (Gandhi museum) and entering its gate, next to Vinoba: Vajubhai Shah (with black vest).


6. Vinoba Bhave’s visit to Rajkot (Gujarat), c.1957, silent, 16mm, colour, 2:31 - Non-Photographs, Reel 06 (VB)

Shot list:

Scene in front of a gathering place in a village; Vinoba and his party arriving; Vinoba speaking to the audience; Vinoba spinning on a book charkha (foldable spinning-wheel); Vinoba speaking to the audience; camera out of control; Vinoba leaving the gathering; Vinoba entering another meeting tent, a large gathering, shots of the crowd.


7. Mahatma Gandhi's last Journey, edited sound film, c. 1948, 16mm, b/w, 13:11 - Non-Photographs, Reel 07 (MKG)

Shot list:

Mahatma Gandhi in conversation with Sir Stafford Cripps in 1942; Hindi writeup; Mahatma Gandhi leaving a train; Mahatma Gandhi meets people; shot of a building; shot of a clock (time is set to 5:35hrs) and a calendar (page 30 January); text: “Bapuji’s Demise”, also in Hindi and Urdu; flag half-mast; crowds gather in front of Birla House, Delhi; Mahatma Gandhi’s dead body laid at rest and covered with flowers on the roof terrace of Birla House on 31 January 1948; Mahatma Gandhi’s dead body carried out of Birla House; crowds accompany the dead body on its way to the funeral place at Rajghat; funeral pyre; text: “At Delhi”, also in Hindi and Urdu; people visit Gandhi’s room at Birla House which has a picture of Gandhi and his “Noakhali hat”; priests greet people in front of a church and while leaving church; people on a train station: CU of Devadas Gandhi and Morarji Desai; soldiers; residents; boats on a river; carriage of Gandhi’s ashes on 12 February 1948; crowds; crowds in front of Red Fort, Delhi; boat with Gandhi’s ashes; text: “At Bombay”, also in Hindi and Urdu; shouting crowds; crowds at a meeting; a women’s procession; flag on half-mast; crowds; text: “?” in Hindi; big building; memorial altar with people sitting in front; outside gathering; catafalk with Gandhi’s ashes driven through the streets of South Mumbai; crowds everywhere, also at Chowpatty Beach; text: “At Ahmedabad”, also in Hindi and Urdu; an open car carries Gandhi’s ashes surrounded by crowd; people waiting on the banks of river Sabarmati; text: “At Nasik”, also in Hindi and Urdu; banner with Hindi writeup; people enter a gate; an urn with Gandhi’s ashes is exhibited on a roof terrace; urn is emptied in the river; people collect water form the sacred spot; text: “At Allahabad”, also in Hindi and Urdu; decorated urn, Sardar V. Patel and Lal Bahadur Shastri arrive, also Sarojini Naidu and Jawaharlal Nehru; Nehru, Devadas Gandhi and others carry the urn towards a decorated lorry on 12 February 1948; Sushila Nayar, Brijkrishna Chandiwala, Gandhi’s granddaughther Sumitra; cars and crowds; soldiers on horses; journalists on a lorry; soldiers and crowds walking towards the confluence of Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati river along the decorated lorry with the urn; a plane drops rose leaves on the lorry and crowds; the lorry arrives and the decorated urn is taken down by Ramdas Gandhi and others and brought ontop an amphi vehicle, which moves from the river banks into the water and drives along the banks which is covered with crowds; text: “The End” and Hindi writeup.


8. Miscellaneous unidentified film strips on a single reel, 16mm -  - Non-Photographs, Reel 08 (Miscell)


Material acquired from other sources

  • 252 DVDs/VCDs on Mahatma Gandhi
  • 278 DVDs/VCDs on India. This is the world’s largest collection of film productions and footage material on Gandhi and India’s independence movement. Peter Rühe was involved in several TV and film productions as well as modern and performing arts projects on Gandhi (Gandhi, My Father, Sami – The Word that broke an Empire, Gandhi – The Worlds Most Photographed, …) for which he did intensive research and gathered film and footage material from all over the world over a period of over 35 years. 
  • 229 VHS-Video tapes containing films, footage and TV reports about Mahatma Gandhi and India's independence movement