Audio Visual Show

NAMASTÉ - A journey across India following the footprints of Mahatma Gandhi

Idea and realization: Peter Rühe

Photography: Eduard Friedl

Scholarly advisers: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lütt, Prof. Dr. Michael Blume


The journey follows the course of Gandhi's life: Porbandar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Wardha, Bombay and Delhi are the stations where the present life is shown alternately with those days when Gandhi lived and worked there. The 400 photographs of today's India were taken by Eduard Friedl, a professional photographer and former director of the photo studio of the Technical University of Berlin. The historic images of Mahatma Gandhi and India's freedom movement derive from the photo archive of Gandhi's foremost biographer Vithalbhai K. Jhaveri. This collection is the best of its kind in terms of quality and quantity. For the first time slides have been prepared from selected 400 photographs of this unique collection. The images are supported by sounds of today's India as well as original sound-documents of historic events, such as speeches of India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.


The show was produced by GandhiServe in 1993 and has a length of 100 min.

It is available in English, Hindi and German

The Journey

· Gandhi's speech / Theme music

· Greetings

· Gujarat today

· Gandhi's biography 1869 - 1887

· Rajkot today

· Gandhi's biography 1888 - 1918

· Harijan Ashram, Ahmedabad, today

· Gandhi's biography 1919 - 1930

· Ahmedabad today

· Gandhi's biography 1930 -1938

· Wardha today

· Gandhi's biography 1939 - 1943

· Mumbai (Bombay) today

· Gandhi's biography 1944 - 1948

· Delhi today

· Farewell

· Credits

Peter Rühe

lives in Berlin and Thailand. He specialized in the conservation of visual material of Mahatma Gandhi. In various countries Peter Rühe has presented multimedia events on Gandhi and he has worked for several TV productions. Peter Rühe is the founder of the GandhiServe network and of the charitable GandhiServe Foundation.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lütt

worked as historian on Gandhi at the universities of Kiel and Heidelberg (Germany) before he became the head of the department at Institute for South Asian Studies at Humboldt University of Berlin. He has covered various aspects of the personality of Mahatma Gandhi, his life and work through lectures and publications.

Eduard Friedl

is the former director of the photo studio at the Technical University of Berlin. He tours Asia extensively and he has prepared audio visual shows about Thailand, China and India. In his photo studio the rare photo collections of Vithalbhai K. Jhaveri and Kanu Gandhi received a preservation treatment and were reproduced.


Prof. Dr. Michael Blume

has prepared a German version of Vithalbhai K. Jhaveri's documentary film MAHATMA on Gandhi. Prof. Blume's book Satyagraha - Yoga and Resistance of Gandhi became a milestone in the German Gandhi literature. Today Prof. Dr. Blume works as consultant for business administration.