Lectures by Peter Rühe

1) Anecdotes from Mahatma Gandhi’s Inner Circle

Peter Rühe travelled India extensively in the 1980s and 90s with a mission: to learn more about the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi and the context he lived in. Peter Rühe visited Gandhian projects and met close associates and relatives of the Mahatma. Oral history became his passion and often he was told very personal incidents of Gandhi’s life. He was also shown rare material, such as letters, films, photographs or documents, which he then helped to preserve for posterity.


The lecture provides a rare insight into Gandhi’s inner circle and helps to understand the personality of the Mahatma better.


Duration: 90 minutes


Media: Power Point presentation


Watch pictures and a video of the presentation at the International Institute for Peace and Development Studies at Nong Chok, Thailand.

Original Transcript
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Another video was taken at the Metta Center for Nonviolence, Petaluma, California.


Original Transcript
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You are a very inspiring person. Thank you for your enlightening presentation.

- Raju Khadka, Nepal


2) MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE - The life and work of Mahatma Gandhi (Audio-visual show)

The 60-minutes audio-visual show has been directed by Peter Rühe and Jayan Mitra (GandhiServe India).


The presentation is followed by Q&A where Peter Rühe talks about the making of this comprehensive audio-visual show and his life in the footprints of Mahatma Gandhi.


Duration: 90 minutes


Media: Video


More information about the audio-visual show


This superb documentary on Gandhi makes us aware that his life was his message of timeless and boundless relevance. I am grateful to the GandhiServe Foundation for this photo documentary in colours.

Thanks and regards,

- Vinith Rao, Udupi



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